WBM Announces a 3rd Operations Centre in Western Canada

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Rising from the banks of the South Saskatchewan River is WBM's newest location in Saskatoon

Driving the team at WBM is a single, unifying vision. To create a Centre of Excellence for IT in Western Canada. At the heart of this vision are the people who make up the organization, but the vision is to be world class as a team, and in order to get there, the people at WBM must be empowered by the best in tools, technologies, processes, and of course world class facilities from which to deliver customer value.

These facilities have been dubbed Infrastructure Operation Centre (IOC) locations by the company, and already, WBM has moved to construct them. A 9,000sq ft monitoring and warehousing IOC is completed in Regina, similar renovations are underway within a new 8,000sq ft IOC in Calgary, a second Regina location is in place focused on Managed Print deployment services, and now, WBM has announced the acquisition of a beautiful 20,000sqft IOC and Corporate Head Office in Saskatoon.

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