WBM Office Systems Enters 2014 on a High Note

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Building on Significant IOC Investments, WBM Growth Breaks 175 Staff Milestone

WBM is driven to be best in class and this commitment to quality drove many successes in 2013. Several departments were able to beat previous growth records and as Paul Cluett, Director of IT Staffing notes, “We grew our IT division by 100% by hiring 47 new technical staff members in 2013. It’s very exciting when you think about the impact that 90 people can have within the operations of our client community.”

JoeAnne Hardy, President of WBM, elaborates that “2013 was an unbelievable year in terms of client growth and staffing. We started 2013 with 135 people across our 3 locations and now we have a total of 180 staff members. It’s just amazing to look around and see all of these new faces. People that are excited to either be starting their career with us or continuing a career that they began elsewhere. All the different personalities and all of the different work experiences that those people bring with them, it’s really changed the face of the company and expanded the skill sets that we are able to offer to our customers.”

In Regina, Director of Commercial Partnerships, Jeff Crampaign, says that “2013 was a year of head-down, hard work that generated a great sense of accomplishment throughout our sales and technical teams.” The Regina IOC was built more than two years ago, so WBM’s client community is now seeing the tangible benefits of the advanced monitoring and management tools it brings. Mr. Crampaign adds that “when we renovated the office here in Regina, we also renovated our 20,000 square foot warehouse and logistics operation centre. That business has matured significantly and has brought great value to our clients in the areas of managed inventory and technology lifecycle services. It’s not only a point of pride, but also of competitive advantage. We intend to build on that in 2014.”

A more recent investment was the purchase and renovation of an impressive 8000 square foot IOC facility in Saskatoon’s growing North Industrial area. Located on the banks of the South Saskatchewan the new facility has been dubbed WBMs Technology Campus. The purchase and renovation was spearheaded by Vice President, Bob Hardy and opened in the fall of 2013. In his words, the launch of the new IOC has led to ‘Tour Fatigue’ resulting from the many personal tours provided to WBM’s clients.

In Calgary, WBM has invested in their office and staff to support the growth that they are experiencing after securing several key clients in 2013. Jim Wilson, Enterprise Account Manager says, “In the last year we’ve signed a few banner accounts that has the Calgary community talking about WBM. Our growth here really stemmed from the work we did with Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. That work contributed to us landing EnerPlus and more recently, First Calgary Financial. We are now generating new opportunities through the word of mouth buzz from our current clients and that’s something we are very proud of. It’s exciting when your result from one job leads to another job. It’s a strong affirmation that we are on the right path here in Alberta.”

That path is defined by the vision and values that drive WBM. As Vice President Brett Bailey states, “the commitment to be best in class is a journey that we are never going to fully attain. We are always going to be moving forward and evolving and that’s inherent in being a technology company. This isn’t about the end as much as it’s about the journey. Looking at the key investments we have made, and the results that they have generated, I think it’s safe to say that we are headed in the right direction.”

Despite tour fatigue, JoeAnne, Brett, Bob and the entire WBM team invite all WBM clients to stop by their new Saskatoon IOC to receive a personal tour.