WBM’s Ashley Schell Rallies IT Industry Leaders in Support of Fort McMurray

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wbm-news-aschell-fort-macAshley Schell, director of IT procurement services at Saskatchewan-based WBM Office Systems, a Wild West member, took to the stage Tuesday morning at the event to make the case for donating to Fort McMurray relief efforts, and the results were nearly immediate — less than five hours after his presentation, contributions from solution providers alone were north of $4,000, with that number expected to grow as the group continues to shine a spotlight as the event continues on Wednesday.

Add to that other donations from Trust X chapters, including matched donation from the Southern Star chapter, and from Ingram Micro itself, and the group is at about $20,000 raised at present. That number could grow substantially as partners get on board, and particularly if TrustX vendor partner start to get involved.

“It speaks to our culture, and the culture of the TrustX Alliance in giving back,” said Schell Tuesday afternoon.

The group has arranged to make donations through the Canadian Red Cross, making the donations eligible for dollar-for-dollar matching by the federal government. Those who wish to make a donation to the Red Cross via the Trust X community can do so via this link.

Schell said that while raising money for Fort McMurray is a focus at the event, he’s hopeful that many members will also make it a focus away from the event. For example, he said his employer “are going to do some events” to do some more fundraising for the cause after the team is all back in the offices after this week’s invitational.

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