WBM Office Systems Enters 2014 on a High Note

Building on Significant IOC Investments, WBM Growth Breaks 175 Staff Milestone

WBM is driven to be best in class and this commitment to quality drove many successes in 2013. Several departments were able to beat previous growth records and as Paul Cluett, Director of IT Staffing notes, “We grew our IT division by 100% by hiring 47 new technical staff members in 2013. It’s very exciting when you think about the impact that 90 people can have within the operations of our client community.”

JoeAnne Hardy, President of WBM, elaborates that “2013 was an unbelievable year in terms of client growth and staffing. We started 2013 with 135 people across our 3 locations and now we have a total of 180 staff members. It’s just amazing to look around and see all of these new faces. People that are excited to either be starting their career with us or continuing a career that they began elsewhere. All the different personalities and all of the different work experiences that those people bring with them, it’s really changed the face of the company and expanded the skill sets that we are able to offer to our customers.”

WBM Finds New Efficiencies to Serve Client Community

First Call Effectiveness used as a benchmark analytic for enhancing client service and productivity.

When WBM Office Systems was named one of the Top 100 Managed Print Providers in North America, they learned a valuable lesson. For years, WBM had measured the success of their service department in resolution time. But learning more about how the Top 100 Managed Print Providers were selected revealed an entirely new analytic: First Call Effectiveness.

Simply put, First Call Effectiveness is the percentage of service calls that are resolved on the first visit to the client site. The upside of First Call Effectiveness became obvious to the team and that started the process of achieving a benchmark standard of 82%. Watch the video to learn how WBM has successfully implemented First Call Effectiveness.

Keeping It Within the Business Family

Not every company has the option of passing on their business to a family member. While many of Regina's mid-market companies are in their third or fourth generation of family ownership, Saskatchewan's booming economy is putting a lot of offers on the table for thriving mid-market players.

In many cases, management buyouts are the transition plan of choice.

WBM Announces a 3rd Operations Centre in Western Canada

Rising from the banks of the South Saskatchewan River is WBM's newest location in Saskatoon

Driving the team at WBM is a single, unifying vision. To create a Centre of Excellence for IT in Western Canada. At the heart of this vision are the people who make up the organization, but the vision is to be world class as a team, and in order to get there, the people at WBM must be empowered by the best in tools, technologies, processes, and of course world class facilities from which to deliver customer value.

These facilities have been dubbed Infrastructure Operation Centre (IOC) locations by the company, and already, WBM has moved to construct them. A 9,000sq ft monitoring and warehousing IOC is completed in Regina, similar renovations are underway within a new 8,000sq ft IOC in Calgary, a second Regina location is in place focused on Managed Print deployment services, and now, WBM has announced the acquisition of a beautiful 20,000sqft IOC and Corporate Head Office in Saskatoon.

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Staff Member Nominated for Women of Distinction Award

Tammy FlemingWBM's own, Tammy Fleming, has been named a 2013 Women of Distinction nominee in the category of Athletics.

Tammy has been active for 12 years as a Race Director and Swim Coach with the Just Tri-It Triathlon Program. This program is organized for Women in Saskatoon who have never competed in a triathlon before. In 2010 Tammy transformed their race to become a fundraiser in memory of her Mother and donated the money to local charities that are related to health.

Top Western-based solution provider divests its telecom business

WBM sells its legacy telecom business to a Calgary-based company

Top 100 Solution Provider WBM Office Systems of Saskatoon divested and sold its legacy telecom business to Telebyte, a communications company owned by AirTel Wireless of Calgary.

“This is a big move at WBM, one we have been working for some time,” said WBM vice president Brett Bailey. As part of the deal, Telebyte will be bringing over 16 staff members from WBM.