It’s just a small printer…

If you happen to visit a typical office in the University, you will almost certainly notice a common fixture in each office.  In addition to the usual chair, desk, computer and monitor, you will notice a printer.  Not a big deal, right?  You feed it paper, some toner, so what harm could it do?

WBM works with the David Suzuki Foundation

suzukiWBM hosted “An Event for Change: Green Strategies in IT”, working with the David Suzuki Foundation. The attention of 275 members of the Saskatchewan and Alberta IT communities was focused on the opportunity to deliver environmentally sustainable solutions. 

Top 10 Green Solution Providers: WBM Office Systems

Top 10 Green Solutions

It's hard for an organization that annually takes its staff into the Canadian Shield of northern Saskatchewan to not have environmental sustainability efforts become a natural part of their corporate culture. That's why green IT is at the root of what WBM Office Systems does internally and promotes to its clients, according to its vice-president Brett Bailey.

Rising Above the Competition

Penn West Energy Trust is one on Canada's largest Oil & Gas Producers. Penn West implemented a NEAX 2400IMX in late 1998 and grew from 200 users to just over 600 in 2008. Durning this time, WBM Office Systems moved them to a fully Redundant PBX and as thery were slowly outgrowing their existing space in downtown Calgary, implemented SRMGC's (2) in other downtown towers with another 200 IP phones.

Enabling Business Growth Strategies

In today's challengin business environment, companies must forge strategic alliances in order to grow beyond its known scope. While merger-acquisition activity can present a number of technical challenges - particularly in communications - integrating people and work environments is key to a successful expansion. An IP commuications solution can provide the agility companies need to plan and manage growth now and in the future.

HP Canada brings Print 2.0 to the enterprise

hewlett-packardWith an expansion of its enterprise printing and imaging portfolio, HP Canada (NYSE: HPQ) is making a new push in the large business market, trying to change the way companies print.

Much like HP's Print 2.0 push in the SMB space, in the enterprise market the vendor wants to take a more holistic approach says Jean-Paul Desmarais, IPG marketing with HP Canada. It's not just about printers, he says, but applying knowledge and IT expertise to simplify the printing environment, improve the workflow and optimize the infrastructure with an eye on reducing costs and enhancing productivity.

WBM Office Systems makes VoIP transition a breeze

If your office hasn't made the decision to switch to a VoIP telephone system, you obviously haven't had the chance to speak to Garry Laxdal.

Perhaps it's time you did.

As VP of Telecommunication Products for award-winning WBM Office Systems, Laxdal makes a compelling case in favour of Mitel's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Mitel's remarkable, multi-tasking phone systems can save money for your company, while boosting productivity in a number of different ways. But first, you'll have to alter your perceptions of what a telephone network can and should do for your company.