Enterprise Infrastructure Project Delivery

WBM has built a practice around the successful completion of Enterprise Infrastructure projects. Over the course of the last 3 years WBM has completed a number of significant projects that have produced great results for our clients and their employees.

Our unique approach to these projects focusses on the end-result the client is looking to achieve. We carefully document these results and then align our efforts from recruitment to project delivery to be able to report on these results at the successful completion of the project.

Our clients lean on us to provide knowledgeable local staff that will be a fit to their environment. Over the course of these projects we have provided a number of key roles including:

  • Project Management / Coordination
  • Business Analyst
  • Change Management
  • Deployment Technician
  • Helpdesk Augmentation
  • Application Packaging
  • Various Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support roles
  • Logistical and warehousing support
  • Administrative support resources

WBM’s experience operating in Western Canada for over 60 years gives us a strong set of experiences to lean on when planning any of these projects. Our knowledge of the travel conditions and experience visiting remote sites throughout the west have allowed us to provide accurate and timely estimates to complete the work outlined.

WBM’s has significant experience delivering projects related to:

  • Server 2003 Modernization
  • Desktop Modernization
  • Remote Site Refresh Projects

“Your team has been awesome to work with and the client satisfaction results are outstanding. I would highly recommend your team.”

Sherry McStravick
PMP Project Manager, Agrium