Implementation, Deployment & Training

The implementation, deployment and training stage is not just the heavy lifting phase of a print optimization strategy:

  • It is the culmination of all the work the Print Specialists have done in designing the solution.
  • It is the first glimpse the end users get of the new technology that they will be utilizing.
  • It is the opportunity for the team of Print Specialists who built a rapport with the department managers and end users to prove that they were listening, and to showcase the solutions they have found to their individual workflow needs.

As far as a WBM Print Optimization project is concerned, reaching this stage is truly our Opening Night. Proper training is evident in the number of help desk calls received after implementation.

End users who are not familiar with the devices tend to generate a significant influx of help desk calls that are end user, not device related. This can place great strain on already busy help desk environments.