Security & F5 Implementation Services

With the 2015 acquisition of Calgary based Agilisys, WBM added western Canada’s premier option for delivering and maintaining F5 technology solutions to the team. With this experience now driving our DNA, we believe in the F5 technology and its capability and it is our goal to ensure that our clients realize its full potential through providing Design, Planning, Implementation and Managed services.

We have developed an extensive project delivery framework that ensures exceptional discipline in the execution of our projects. With a skilled team of Project Managers, Business Analyst, Architects and Technology Specialists, we can deploy F5 solutions for companies of any size.

Implementation Services

Project Management and Planning

Adequate planning is a critical factor in the success of any IT infrastructure project. Our fully qualified IT architecture team has a proven track record of designing F5 solutions that work. We understand the IT infrastructure landscape, and how F5 technology fits into it. Whatever your F5 solutions needs are, we’re equipped to deliver it, on budget and on time, with the right design.

With our planning services, your F5 solution implementation will be a smooth, successful experience. 

Technology Implementation

Having the right skills available at the time of implementation saves you time and money. Our fully certified professional implementation team has practical experience in deploying F5 technology in a wide variety of scenarios, and they’re ready to assist you with the delivery of your F5 project.

With the right professional services handling your F5 implementation, your F5 project will be a resounding success.

Management & Governance Services

The F5 technology set encompasses skills from a variety of technology disciplines, including network, server and software development - for this reason, many IT departments have trouble identifying operational owners for the platform once it is deployed. To compound the problem, F5 products are typically so stable that they require infrequent intervention from administrators, and in-house skills deteriorate from lack of use. These factors combined make your F5 technology platforms an ideal candidate for outsourced administration and management.

Professional F5 consultants, teamed with the power of WBM’s Best in Class 24x7 Remote Monitoring and Operations Center, allow enterprise organizations to leverage existing skills and investment to manage their F5 technology platforms, for a fraction of the cost of managing the platform in-house.

How does the managed service work?

Our services offering is governed by ITIL/ITSM guidelines. Three major control tools govern the service including:

  • Service Catalog (clients select from a menu of managed items)
  • Service Cost Calculator (clients pay only for services consumed)
  • Service Measurement (clients use KPIs to score and rate the service)

Services are split in two major groups:

One time consumption events, such as:

  • Appliance deployment
  • New feature request
  • Data center relocation
  • Appliance decommission

On-going consumption events, such as:

  • Managing virtual servers
  • Managing pools and monitors
  • Firmware updates
  • Proactive or periodic monitoring
  • Firewall policy management
  • Reporting

Service requests are logged via ticketing system or phone request on a customer dedicated portal and prioritized accordingly. Value add services included in the monthly cost include:

  • A Service Delivery Manager role that facilitates monthly KPI reviews and requests for new features or services
  • Rate discounts for professional services
  • Allocation of hours per month of architect services for consultations or planning
  • Monthly report of appliance utilization and performance


  • Investing and managing in-house skill sets for a niche platform provides diminishing value
  • Training expenses for in-house staff can be high and with no guarantee or insurance due to turn over
  • Using a managed service partner ensures that technology competency is at its highest level
  • The cost of using a managed service provider is predictable and based on consumption
  • The use of ITIL/ITSM based governance provides transparency and predictability